Germaine de Cappucinni


Introduction to Germaine de Capuccini

If you are looking for pure indulgence and total relaxation, The Retreat provides you with a haven where you will find the most incredible unique sensations, the mind, body and spirit unite to feel an unforgettable experience.

Highly qualified and experienced staff aim with you to put together a treatment package designed specifically for your needs, and will be happy to offer you advice on your skin’s requirements.

Retreat Spa Prescriptive

A facial therapy especially for your skin type, our skilled team of therapists will provide you with a truly prescriptive approach providing a highly relaxing therapy which will leave your skin fresh, clear and full of radiance. Regardless of your skin type, age or concerns, this facial will be perfect for you.

Hydra System

Age Defence

Revitalising Plant

Purifying- Combination / oily

ReNew Therapy

A cosmeceutical approach that you can choose to receive before proceeding with any facial treatment, – taking just 15 minutes.

Commencing with a highly active Glyco Facial Peel formulated with alpha hydroxy acids, renewing the skin at the deepest level, before the application of an advanced neutralising mask with three complementary multi-active effects:

  • Encouraging the stimulation of superficial skin blood micro-circulation due to the generation of pure CO2 on the surface of the skin.

  • Providing an immediate soothing action

  • Helps to facilitate the extraction of comodones without pain, due to the inclusion in its formula of an innovative neurosensory ingredient.

By commencing any facial treatment with GlycoCure, skin is deeply renewed and accelerates the natural cellular renewal of the epidermis. The surface of the skin is immediately improved, wrinkles and irregularities are faded, open pores are minimized and congestion reduced.

Skinzen Rose

Emotional stress, tension, depression and a lack of ‘me’ time, reflect in the skin, giving it a dull, pallid appearance, increasing the signs of ageing, and redness with dryness in skin which is sensitive.
This stunning and intensive therapy uses the essence of flowers and plants in a concentrated formula with a highly active anti-stress action. With petals of the Gallic Rose and extracts of the Arctic Rose, Black Rose, White Rose and the Nepalese Rose your skin is soothed, hydrated and nourished, and you may breathe in the natural scents of the Roses providing an emotional sense of wellbeing.


A spectacular therapy providing a high level of hydration with an intense tautening and lifting effect. Hydro-Lift stimulates the recovery of the skin’s firmness whilst working to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The skin is left smoother, firmer and well hydrated.

Extreme Collagen

Commencing with our relaxing warm towel Kobido cleanse before your skin is deeply exfoliated, Followed by a series of serums, creams and masks based with hydrolyzed plant collagen to improve the elasticity of the skin, increase hydration and firm and tone.

Advanced Facials

The Lift

A superb lifting and firming treatment for the face and neck.
Emulating the effects of surgical lifting. Timexpert Lift (IN) provides volume, lift and firmness. The High-performance complex V-Matrix works at the root of the problem, rebuilding the mesh that structures the dermis to re-define the facial contour and restore firmness. Highly recommended for anyone concerned with the ageing effects on their skin over time. An immediate difference will be seen and felt and a course is recommended for maximum and lasting results. Highly recommended for people considering surgery and as post surgery maintenance.


Radiance Rediscovered-Vitamin C

Offering exceptional anti-ageing care that intensely repairs and revitalises the skin using the power of Vitamin C. Regenerating the skin, stimulating collagen synthesis and optimizing hydration, this therapy provides immediate results, includes an advanced anti-ageing massage which is highly relaxing.


Enchanted Eyes

The eye area is the first to show signs of ageing with fine lines appearing generally from the age of 25 and onwards. Our Timexpert Eye Treatment works in a natural way to fill in and plump out lines and wrinkles around the eyes. The skin around this delicate area is left looking smoother, lines and wrinkles are reduced in length and depth, and dark shadows and bags under the eyes are reduced.


New Clinical AOX Peel

This innovative and effective anti-ageing Peel with anti-oxidising action that effectively addresses the visible effects of the skin photo-ageing whilst ensuring maximum tolerance and safety. So skin which is sensitive can have this treatment quite safely.
The AOX Peel offers a spectacular improvement to wrinkles, flaccidity, dark spots and uneven tone. Skin is revitalised, renewed and looks younger, softer and more luminous.

Timexpert Rides

A truly innovative and powerful anti-ageing facial that helps the skin to recover its youthfulness. Whilst this treatment provides lasting results, it is highly relaxing and combines the magnetic power and relaxation benefits of our Obsidian and Onyx precious stone facial massage. Visible results are seen immediately. Using the very latest technology, this treatment contains an exclusive blend of peptides with a specific anti-wrinkle effect, that work immediately against wrinkles, from within as well as filling in and inhibiting the formation of new expression lines.

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2 comments on “Germaine de Cappucinni

    • Hi Kelly,
      Our Germaine facials start from £45 and should be listed on the website. If you can’t find them please give us a call and we can go into depth about what each facial includes and price. Our contact number is 01787 828828. We look forward to hearing from you x


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